On The Spot Art

Creativity and Spontaneous Balloon Art

On-the-Spot Art entertainment combines creativity and spontaneous balloon art to create a form of entertainment that defies categorization and appeals to people of all ages. On-the-Spot Art Show has been described as “creative,” “witty,” and “wildly entertaining.”

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On the Spot balloon art with Dale Obrochta

Specifically Created for Libraries That Require Entertainment
But Not A Traditional Show

The On-the-Spot Art entertainment is great for libraries looking to attract families without the fuss of a themed stage show.  Let the kids plop down on the floor and watch as the Pied Piper of balloons twists his magical balloons.

Not bound by a traditional start/stop time, this free-flowing show is perfect for the audience on the go. After the show, the audience can take pictures with the balloons and share them on social media.

On-the-Spot Art entertainment allows the audience to ask questions and interact directly with Dale about the balloon art, all while the show happens, allowing for spontaneous humor and making the crowd erupt with laughter.  Over the next few days, patrons can marvel over the balloon creations that decorate the library.

On-the-Spot Art Entertainment

  • 60 to 90 Minutes of Fun Entertainment
  • Audience Interaction & Participation
  • Included are Popular Balloon Creations
  • Two 5’ Balloon Sculptures
  • Poster & Write-up to Promote the Show
  • All Balloon Art is left as Display Pieces
  • Photo opportunity too!
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