Spooktacular Success: Dale Obrochta’s Art of Scary Balloon Show Delights Whiting Public Library’s Halloween Event.

Case Study: Whiting Public Library — Halloween Event — Art of Scary.


Adrienne De Luna, the Youth Services Librarian at Whiting Public Library, embarked on a mission to elevate the library’s Halloween event, strategically scheduled during the local community’s fall break. Seeking an engaging Halloween show to captivate audiences of all ages, Adrienne discovered the perfect match in Dale Obrochta’s Art of Scary balloon show.

The Collaboration:

Adrienne, recognizing the thematic alignment and versatility of Dale’s show, swiftly contracted him for the library’s Halloween event. The Art of Scary balloon show, tailored to all ages, seamlessly blended Halloween designs, audience interaction, and a captivating blacklight show. The carefully curated program promised to add an extra layer of excitement to the festive occasion.

Art of Scary kids balloon show Whiting Public Library

The Event:

As the Halloween event unfolded, Dale’s Art of Scary balloon show took center stage. With Halloween-inspired balloon designs, active audience participation, and a mesmerizing blacklight show to conclude, the atmosphere buzzed with delight. Attendees, both young and old, left the event with smiles on their faces and a sense of satisfaction.

Success and Future Plans:

The success of Dale’s Art of Scary balloon show at Whiting Public Library exceeded expectations. Pleased with the positive reception and the show’s ability to enhance the Halloween festivities, Adrienne De Luna expressed her satisfaction. Eager to recreate the magic, she promptly booked Dale’s presence for the library’s Halloween event the following year.


The collaboration between Adrienne De Luna and Dale Obrochta exemplifies the transformative power of tailored entertainment in community events. Dale’s Art of Scary balloon show not only met but exceeded expectations, leaving a lasting impression on the Whiting Public Library’s Halloween celebration. This case study showcases the impact of creative and engaging programming in making community events truly memorable.