Are you looking for a show that you can stream to your audience via Facebook, Zoom, or Skype?

  • Full studio broadcast capabilities
  • Professional sound and video quality
  • Customized time to meet your requirements
  • Help with Tech / Streaming
  • Preshow test to ensure a glitch-free experience
  • Royalty-free music
  • Family-friendly show

Thanks for helping me figure this all out and making it so easy…

Thank you, Dale, for a fantastic programming option during the Covid-19 shut down! We had lots of positive feedback from viewers. It was a super fun, high-energy Facebook Live program that provided a few laughs when we really needed them. We loved the personalization you added to our library. We look forward to trying an in-person show in the future.

– Tricia Cox, Children’s Librarian, Waterford Public Library

Don’t be the guinea pig; I know my broadcast capabilities as I aired a show on my business Facebook page on April 1, 2020, and boy, is there a learning curve!

Online Streaming Ballloon Show for Kids

I Did My Homework and Learned

The goal of this show was to produce an online presentation with excellent video and audio quality. Overcoming this hurdle, I addressed issues like timing, stage, and props that needed to be reformated for a streaming online show format.

Newly-found Knowledge

Balloon Show Art of Inflation being streamed live of Facebook

Streaming several shows has given me the knowledge to offer you a show that delivers a quality online presence along with excellent family-friendly entertainment.

Let’s talk about how we can stream an online program to your audience.

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You Get Customization

  1. During the show, you will hear your library name and services promoted, and you will get an advertisement for you to use after the show.

This ad was run during Waterford Public Library Facebook Live presentation on  April 15, 2020.

Let’s talk about how we can bring this live experience to your Facebook or Youtube channel today.

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